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Just let me look you in the breast

At a candle-lit dinner

Let me see you natural

Elsewhere than elsewhere, further than far

Ingredients are in the shaker

Sperm, sulfur, blood, fear

A year a second an hour

Reach the brain in one heartbeat

I’m in the magic triangle

Good for them if they want to stare

Let me look you in the pussy

Unmast you with a wide angle

Sex made democratic

Moralism in films d’auteurs

A blow job, a Mars Bar, a bunch of flowers

A half-taboo, a quarter-complex

And then the vulgar journalist

Although he gets it up on poppers

As long as he keeps his glasses on

Will only suck the vice squad

Stuff all your vices in my seringe

Stick in your fingers and poke out your tongue

Open your mind, open your legs

Before distraction pulls you apart

Let me have a rocket look

At the bitch that’s in your head

Cannon fodder, passion fodder

That’s it babe turn on rumours 

Self-censured by show-bizness

Your eyes have seen too much nonsense

Just let me look you in the breast

Good for them if they want to stare

Has anyone ever gone too far

In the field of relationships

Swallow me when i don’t speak

Let me be where it’s deepest

Introduce me to your girl-friends

With your fingers and with your mouth 

Shake up the murderous shame

Don’t play the friendship game

The stuff that they say on TV

About setting their balls free

Their schizophrenic junk sex

For what you’ve got here , it’s not the best

Let me offer you necklaces

Of cocks, dribble and come

Of straws of tongues of neighbours of beams

That do not taste degenerate

There aren’t any other words in life

Than prick hair pussy fuck and stick it

If my vocabulary hits limits

It’s ’cause i’m lurning the ET-speak

Seen from your ass, the earth is flat

Let me look you in the pussy

Dive in too if it gets you high

Good for them if they want to stare

Your sex raw with vinaigrette

For me the salad is quick made

And the psycho-socio sausage-sellers

Hold their peep shows at their Psykanalysers


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