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Say uncle, is God a man

Or is God a dame

Is God hideing in a pylon

Or within a grain of sand

As a little goldfish used to say

God must exist anyway

Or else who is it who changes who moves

The water of my bowl when it’s polluted

Tell me where is God ! !

And when I see a pretty lass 

And I sweat to get hold of her

and I sweet-talk her like a madman

Is it God who dictates what i declam

Say uncle is God an elephant

Or is God a little mouse

Is God hiding in the bristles of my tooth-brush

Or in the heart of a grain of rice

Tell me where is God ! !

Who is it who lights the stars

Who hits the stop button of the TV

And who, who puts the marrow in bones

Who let me get some rest sometimes

Who is it that makes me happy

When I see a gooey camembert

Who makes the birds sing sweetly

As I relish my hamburger

Is God in baby bottles

Or in grand-ma’s piggy bank

Is God in a can of Diet Coke

Or in the half liter of Sprite

Is God in Bob Dylan’s tunes

Or in the marijuana and strawberry perfume

Tell me where is God ! !


Some have seen God in the desert

I prefer God in my dessert

Some say God’s a meanie

But I reckon he’s a cool dude

He’s like everyone like you and me

I meet him often down the road

He shops at Wallmart

Gets welfare money plays the horses

And when he wins a bet

Goes on vacation to Ballston Spa

God in fact he’s called Roger

And his wife she’s called Pam

The fact is he must exist

He created love and hate

Budweiser and Heineken


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