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Forever spitting at great histories

When I spit it helps me see

It lifts the mist from my eyes

Spitting what I am spitting what I know

Spitting what I want

They want the preface but they ain’t got a face

Me i ain’t got no time for this hide’n seek

Whith these well mannered feelings

Higher ‘n higher abouve my doubts

I don’t drool i spit

I spit at charity the hospital

The bufoon who steals from the poor

The jealous one who dirties the sky

When things are good i spit better

I spit between into the fields

I spit consciousness into the wind

I swallow’n spit therefore I am

I spit and i call this poetic

I spit blood that attracts people

Pillagers voyeurs and unlineres

I spit money’n i spit diamonds

So they crash one against the other

I can’t do anything but spitting

Don’know how to talk don’know how to love

I spit for those who are unable to

Or the pouo who spit on themselves

I’ll spit as long as I got spit

And a family to help me a bit

I’ll spit as long as i got a few nerves

In the name of my son

In the name of my dad

I spit on death I spit on life

On self sufficiency on suspicion

I spit and it inspires me

On my new suit on my new shoes

I spit throught your door

And i spit throught your window

On the time lost on the sadness

I spit instead o’signing the cheque book Instead o’signing the cheque book

Instead o’signing the cheque book

I spit on all my past lives

Between 4 walls 2 hemispheres

Since I learnt how to negotiate

I smash walls and i spit on the ground

I spit slogans and easy rimes

To carnival revolutionaries

Whith it they do their shiny red clown noses

Or their lacryma gland soda

I spit my pride on your patience

I spit on your new years eve gig

And I wouldn’t exchange any one of my runnings

For all your fragile and stradiviolins

I spit I spit I spit I spit and i re-spit

Nobody can do it for me

I spit insteed o’ slobbering

I spit insteed o’drooling

I swallow I spit therefore i am

I spit I spit and I call this poetic.


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